There are many places in the state that are haunted, do you know some of them?

In Stillwater, Former Lumber Barons which has now become the Water Street Inn, the story is it's being haunted by the spirit of a drunken Confederate soldier. The soldier died on the S.W. suite of the second floor, and people report his spirit is still there.

In Duluth, There is a story that in 1948, a man committed suicide by jumping off the 5th level of the Enger Tower head-first. He died on impact. The man’s corpse was found hours later, and the man was never identified. Over time, visitors to the park claim to see a man on the 5th level of the tower before entering the tower. When the person reaches the top, the man is gone. I have not found any evidence of the death, but it doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Two Harbors, This story is about a man in the mid-1980s, He lost his wallet after seeing the Split Rock Lighthouse, so he went back to look for it, but he couldn't get in because it was locked for the evening. When he looked up at the tower, he saw a man in a lightkeeper’s uniform on the catwalk and shouted to him whether someone found a wallet, but the man wouldn't speak back to him nor let him up in the lighthouse. He returned the next day and was given his wallet, which the staff had found, but they said no one was in the tower after closing time.

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The Most Haunted Places In Duluth and Superior

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