The Mighty Ducks reboot is on Disney+, it's set in Minnesota just like the original movie, but it's not filming in Minnesota, why?

I could give you the easy answer and say it's all about money, but what I will tell you about is all the incentives that can be given to a film or TV production to make them want to film in the area. We could handle them in Duluth. We have all kinds of ice they could use. The DECC could let them use the Ice, or Fryberger, or Mars, or anywhere.

I will start by saying the rebate that St. Louis County is offering film companies to come here is a start. Right now, if a company wants to film in the county, they get a 25% rebate, which can add a lot or take away a lot from a production cost. That can mean you afford more food, you can have more equipment, you can spend more time filming. What the county gets is it could mean more money for the economy.

I talked to Chris LaFleur and Stephani LaFleur who are producing THE HAND THAT FEEDS that is filming in Duluth. They said they are taking advantage of the money rebate and had to watch as they couldn't entice productions here before because an incentive program called Snowbate dried up. They both told me the production winds up spending a lot of money when they come to film because they have to employ local people and buy food and get lodging, among other things and so much money goes into the community.

The movie was set in Minnesota and the re-boot is as well set in modern-day Minnesota, it’s being produced in Vancouver, as TV Guide reports. So, what has happened is it has disappointed Minnesota fans who were proud to be a part of the movie. I mean, Rob Stauber's Hobey Baker picture was in the first movie.

Axios says what the show is missing and what Minnesota is missing. No, Mall Of America, no X, no Minneapolis backdrops. What if we lured them to Duluth? There are all kinds of locations that they could use, places to stay, nice people, talented people to work on the production, and hockey players for extras. (Can you tell I'm making a play for the Ducks to come here?)

What will it take in incentives to get more production in the area and take advantage of more money for the area and get more local people working on films on all sides of the camera? Axios says that is the question that the lawmakers should be asking.

So, how about it everyone, what would it take to bring the Mighty Ducks to Duluth for the next season?

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