While there are plenty of pet-friendly places and some cat or dog cafés that follow this same kind of model, the first known bunny café in the United States is looking to open in Minnesota.

The proposed café, aptly named 'Book Bunny Café' says on their website the hope to open in the "Summer of 2021" in the Twin Cities, but there are some significant hurdles to clear before they will be able to officially call themselves the first operating bunny café.

According to a GoFundMe started for the business, which was started just 7 days ago, the business is in the "last stages of opening the first ever rabbit café in the United States", but they reportedly don't have a location yet.

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BringMeTheNews explains that their goal is to be open by September 15, but they currently have no confirmed location to call home. They say that they are "scouting prospective venues in Minneapolis and St. Paul" but haven't found their location yet.

Being they don't have a location locked down yet, they aren't able to generate revenue. That creates a challenge in financing the work that would be necessary to renovate a space for the business. That's why Jenn Lien, the person behind this idea, launched a GoFundMe to try to raise a goal amount of $18,000. As of the time of this story being published, they've raised just over $1,200.

The idea behind the business is that visitors would be able to sit in a relaxing environment, do some reading, enjoy a beverage, and hang out with some cute bunny rabbits (ether watching them or playing with them yourself). The bunnies in the business would be adoptable, similar to some other pet cafes (that feature animals like cats) around the country.

Lien says she and her "small team" have had the dream of merging "books an buns" for some time, after adopting and giving homes to rabbits over the last decade.

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