As the immensely popular TV show 'Friends' celebrates its 25th anniversary, there are a lot of different celebratory efforts from a 'Friends' LEGO set to showings of classic episodes on the big screen at Twin Ports area theaters. In yet another opportunity to celebrate 25 years, you have the chance to get up close and personal with the famous orange couch from the show!

The Mall of America shared last week on social media that the couch is on display on the ground level of the MOA, at the AT&T Store on Level 1 South. They invite the public to stop by and snap a selfie with the couch and check out some themed merchandise that includes 'Friends' Funko Pop collectibles, hats, and more. The mall's Facebook post says the display and related merch will be on site "now through the holiday".

By the way, those 'Friends' showings on the big screen in the Twin Ports are almost over. The first two dates were September 23 and 28, and the final one is Wednesday, October 2. You can get details here.

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