The DTA released a statement yesterday regarding some changes being made in an effort to provide service efficiently and safely for the public and their employees. First up route #4 (West Duluth) and route # 15 ( Park Point) will be paused until further notice. The changes have been brought about because of a staffing situation and operation procedures which are required to promote safety. " Dial-a-ride access to and from Park Point will once again be available. Those looking to access this service can call 218-623-4328 to schedule a ride. "

Starting Sunday, August 30th, Routes #18 and #23 will be returning to service.  These routes provide service with access to the University of Minnesota Duluth and The College of St. Scholastica campuses.

Starting Monday, September 7th, the DTA will return to front-door boarding on all of their buses. In the past passengers boarded from the rear of the bus, but now they have  successfully installed protective barriers at the front of the buses. The date for when fare collection will return will be announced in the next week.

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Like all businesses the DTA vows to continue to make every effort to protect all their passengers and DTA team members. They are doing this with daily intensive sanitation of buses and facilities, and masks are required in all business areas. The staff at the DTA  are asking passengers to take essential trips only, and also offer an educational campaign designed to promote safe travel habits.

With the volume of people that they transport every day per bus this has to have been a huge challenge to promote safety and get passengers to their destinations in a timely manner. If you ride the DTA please take all these safety measures into consideration so that they can continue to keep the buses running safely and efficiently.

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