It's a sad day for those of us who read The Daily on our i-Pads. It was announced today by News Corp, that The Daily would be stopping it's publication effective December 15th.

I say it's a sad day, because I hate to see a quality publication like The Daily have to cease operation as a result of limited readership. I read The Daily seven days a week. The news was great because it was good news that one couldn't get anywhere else. They often broke stories days in advance of other news publications, and had a good investigative reporting team that provided "exclusives" new stories that were beneficial to us all.

The graphics were totally awesome, and the photo's we saw on The Daily were not shown anywhere else. Perhaps they were years ahead of themselves, or perhaps we're so accustomed to getting our news free, we balked at paying $39.00 a year.

My hat is off to all who were involved with The Daily. I'm deeply saddened at the news of their closure. It was the best thirty-nine bucks I ever spent on news.