You are invited to Lunch with the History people Thursday, June 20, from noon to 1 PM. Coffee is always provided, but make sure you pack a brown bag to eat. This week the guest is Terry Degner, will discuss his memoir entitled My Brave Little Man. His lecture focuses on the experiences he had while living in an orphanage in Duluth, Minnesota, during the early 1950’s.

Terry will talk about challenges by deprivations imposed by an abusive and neglectful father. How he and his siblings are abandoned to an orphanage by an intellectually disabled mother. He responds with amazing resourcefulness and bravery. My Brave Little Man meticulously unveils the growth of a creative and distinctive personality -- from the inside out -- as he overcomes a series of adversities. Hear the interview:

This memoir, a true story that had to be told, is the clear, unique voice of the kind of childhood that is usually the undoing of less hardy souls. With novelistic flair and impressive detail, the author chronicles his first eight years in a rarely visited slice of the country

Terry has an extensive career in sound, video and multi-media productions and even owned his own production company for fourteen years. When he was younger, Terry taught television drama and script development. One of his most well-known students was John Ritter, who made a name for himself playing Jack Tripper in Three’s Company. Now semi-retired, and tours on his book.

The event is free, to anyone who wants to attend. The event will be held in the Ruth Maney Room, on the first floor of the St. Louis County Heritage & Arts Center (the Depot), at 506 West Michigan Street, Duluth, Minnesota.