Grocery Prices Continue To Escalate
No surprise to anyone:  Food prices continue their upward spiral.
The American Farm Bureau tracks the prices of 16 commodity food staples - determining an average price for necessities.
The organization sends volunteers to shop at local grocery stores and focus on a list of 16 items...
The Food Industry Has A “Batty” Problem
You probably would never make the connection, but bats play an integral role in the food you eat - and the price you pay for it.  That very connection could mean increased prices the next time you go to the supermarket.
To date, over one million bats are thought to have died from White Nose Syndrome,…
The Rising Cost Of Eating Out
As a generalization, restaurant prices have remained flat for the last few years.  As a tool to entice recession-battered U.S. consumers into their establishments, restaurant owners used lower prices to their benefit.
Now as the economy rebounds, things are changing...
Food Prices Continue To Rise
Better keep bringing extra cash to the grocery store.  The American Farm Bureau's latest survey shows that prices aren't expected to yield any time soon.
If you're keeping track at home, the survey shows prices increased the most for in staples that most American kitchens use rout…