KOOL Staff Get 'Peanutized'
Anticipation is growing for the first major Peanuts feature in years, with Charlie Brown and the gang heading to the big screen on November 6. As part of that excitement, a website called Peanutize Me is giving people the chance to make their own character. We decided to do it too!
Good Grief, Here’s Another ‘Peanuts Movie’ Trailer
Dig this, blockheads: The ‘Peanuts’ gang, originally created by cartoonist Charles Schulz, have appeared in so many incarnations in their 65-year history. They’ve been a comic strip, a series of much-beloved television specials, a Broadway musical, greeting card staples, and eve…
Rising Cost Of Peanut Butter Affects Food Banks
Like most products on the store shelves these days, peanut butter is facing a sharp upswing in regards to pricing.  A bad summer crop has seen prices for peanut butter rise already, and more price increases are expected.
Peanut butter prices have gone up 30 percent or more because hot weather in stat…