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New Album Announced
Earlier this summer, we told you that Bad Company vocalist (and, briefly, former Queen frontman) Paul Rodgers was working on two new albums. In early 2014, fans will get their first chance to hear what Rodgers has been up to.
Two New Albums Coming
It's been a busy year for Paul Rodgers. He's currently finishing up a five-week tour fronting Bad Company on a co-headlining tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd, both of whom are celebrating their 40th anniversary. And in a new interview, he reveals that he's working on two new albums.
Paul Rodgers to Sing National Anthem at Mets Game
One of the greatest voices in rock history, Paul Rodgers, a founding member of both Free and Bad Company, will sing the national anthem at New York’s Citi Field on Sept. 10 before a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Washington Nationals.
Paul Rodgers Says He’s "Always Up For A Show"
Old rockers don’t want to rust, burn out or fade away. They, apparently, just want to keep rocking. We salute them for that, of course. British rock and roll legend Paul Rodgers still hasn’t gotten tired of getting in front of an audience, even at the age of 62.
Paul Rodgers Reveals Untold Stories of Rock
Paul Rodgers just might be the Magic 8 Ball of rock ‘n’ roll. In a recent interview, the frontman revealed how his advice to Robert Plant and Joe Walsh might’ve helped steer them to greatness, and he also came clean about the bands who tried — and failed &…

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