It's Been 5 Years Since The Flood Of 2012 [PHOTOS]
It was 5 years ago that the rain started to fall and continued until there was between 7 and 9 inches in less than 24 hours.  I remember driving to work thinking nothing of it until I started to see pictures of huge sink holes, big enough to swallow a whole car.  It lead to days without power for so…
Douglas County Seeking Flood Damage Estimates
Douglas County wants to know about your flood damage - following last weeks torrential rainfall.  The Emergency Management Communications General Services Office is collecting damage reports from both private homes and businesses.
Flood Anniversary Message
A year ago today, community members found themselves shellshocked by the extensive damage that followed intense rainfall overnight June 19-20, 2012. In the year since the flood, much progress has been made, but as Duluth Mayor Don Ness says, there is still a long road ahead in achieving full recover…
Enjoy The Lake Superior Zoo For Free June 20th
It was only a year ago when we were hearing stories of animals that had escaped on to Grand Ave. and were disrupting traffic. When the water went back down and the damage was tolled, 14 animals had lost their lives and the Lake Superior Zoo was in disarray.
One Year Later
It's been one year since a large storm system dropped several inches of rain on the region; leaving homes, businesses, roadways, and entire communities damaged around the Duluth/Superior region. A year later, we take a look back at some of the incredible photos and videos that left us awestruck…

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