Emergency Room

Texting And Walking Could Put You In The Emergency Room
According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about 1,200 people were treated in US emergency rooms last year after walking-related mishaps associated with handheld devices.
How many people have you seen walking, looking into their phone, not paying attention to anything around them? Are you…
Swallowed Batteries The Cause Of Doubled ER Visits For Kids
Everything has a battery these days - even toys for kids.  That's why it should be no surprise that Emergency Room visits for kids that have swallowed batteries have increased.  A recent report shows that these sort of ER visits have more than doubled over the last two decades.
Should Insurance Cover Alcohol-Induced ER Visits?
Just as the Supreme Court is deliberating over the Obama administration's mandatory health care coverage, another medical insurance debate is starting to simmer:   Should Emergency Room visits that are instigated by alcohol or drug abuse be covered by the patients health insurance - or - s…