Vension Sandwich Coming Back
Holding true to their claim of "we have the meats", Arby's is once again flexing multitude of options for carnivores by bringing back the venison sandwich nationwide for one day only.
What did Ron See at Grandma's?
There are plenty of incredible stories about Grandma’s Marathon and what runners endure, but I will bet you a steak dinner you never heard about this happening.
Duluth Man Rescues Deer
Duluth resident Steven Peterson was returning to the Twin Ports from a trip to Missouri, when he saw a deer trapped in the ice on Kettle River near Interstate 35 north of Sandstone.
Peterson explained to the Duluth News Tribune that he felt obligated to help the struggling creature, and while he admi…
Two Baby Deer Get Loose in a Supermarket [VIDEO]
In this latest edition of animals loose in stores, two baby deer found themselves inside a Publix supermarket in Suwanee, Georgia.
The fawns tempted fate by wandering over toward the meat section, where they were scooped up by store employees. Unfortunately, the video ends before we learn if the…

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