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Wisconsin Launches Elder Abuse Hotline
While the problem isn't new, the aging of the Baby Boom generation has brought a greater awareness of elderly abuse. A new hotline established in Wisconsin aims to provide a source for reporting suspected abuse of the older population.
What Is Your True Age? Take This Quiz To Find Out
Everyone is probably aware of what "generation" they were born into;  Social experts have coined terms like Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers, and Millenials to identify and stereotype people.  But there is also a lot of wisdom to the fact that we may have been born into a certain g…
Graduates: The Food Industry Needs You
I encountered an article about the rising need for food-related employees in Great Britain, but from what I can surmise, the same need is present here in America.  While it's become "trendy" for people to seek out high-profile jobs like chef's and sommeliers, the bac…