The changes instigated by President Donald Trump to the Federal Tax laws late last year will reap a refund on the July utility bills for Superior residents.  Superior Water Light and Power is advising residential customers to look for the $31.80 credit on the July bills.

The refund amount comes from the reduction in taxes that utilities owe to the Federal government.  According to news sources:

Congress lowered the maximum corporate tax rate from 35 percent to a flat 21 percent. Utility rates are based on anticipated company expenses, including taxes. When Congress lowered the tax rates, it created a refund situation for utilities as of Jan. 1.

Unrelated to the refund, Superior Water Light and Power has applied to the Public Services Commission to seek clearance for electrical rate increases.  In it's filing, the utility cited numerous factors in defense of the rate increase; one of those cited factors was the fire and explosion at Husky Refinery.


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