When I was in high school, running for Duluth Central. I was running as top Junior Varsity, and all my cousins were top state runners and ran Varsity at Swain Invitational. My goal my senior year was to run swain as Varsity. I had an opportunity to improve my time and beat the 7th man on Varsity and therefore race as a Varsity member for Swain.The race, started by John Swain, and run on Enger Golf Course with close to 2500 runners participating, was my biggest race. I was able to get into 5th man position at Swain and ran as a scorer. I achieved my goal and surpassed it. Of course, I had to have a Chris moment.

My cousin Randy, who was a state champion, greeted me at the finish shoot and told me I was 5th man, I smiled at him and puked on his shoes. Great moment, ruined. That race was my favorite and is one of the biggest. This Saturday will be the next meet in honor of John Swain with the first race starting at 10:00 a.m. The last race, if they’re on time should be about 3 p.m.

Skyline Parkway will be a mess in the area of the Enger Golf Course. There will be 70 different schools that will converge on the golf course for the meet. I wish the runners luck this year. Just know the course is hard, but fair and take in each memory as you run this race.

If you are going, it will be hard to find parking spaces. For those of you that have racers, I have posted a link to the schedule.

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