This would be the perfect opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts or families who are looking for a project to do together.

The City of Superior is seeking interested volunteers to take part in their Citizen Stream Monitoring Program.  The group is a partnership between the city, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and Wisconsin Extension's Water Action Volunteer program.

Those who sign up will receive all of the training and equipment needed;  no prior experience is required.  Volunteers will sample their assigned stream during the spring to fall season - approximately April to October.  The streams will be local - one of the handful that run through city limits.  A pre-application survey has been established to help volunteers determine their level of interest.

Although a variety of factors will be sampled, recorded, and studied, the following items are top of the list for organizers:

  • Water temperature
  • Transparency
  • Dissolved oxygen levels
  • Specific Electric Conductivity

The exact start date and all related training is still being determined - but should be announced soon.  If you're interested, fill out an online application by clicking here.


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