On Tuesday May 29 at 9:00 AM, patrons at the Superior Public Library were given their first chance back inside the building following an almost-month long closure to make way for some of the final touches of the $2.1 million renovation and upgrade.  While the library was closed, work crews removed carpeting, built a new Children's area, installed new shelving and racks, and much more; although some detail pieces had been going on since the project got underway last fall, it was necessary for safety and practical reasons to close the facility while these last work tasks were completed.

Although the library has re-opened again for normal business, some last-minute details continue.  One of those detail pieces is a big one:  the building and migrating of a new entrance.  The current entrance at the south-west corner will disappear, and the new main entrance will be nearer more to the north, although still on the west side (by the main parking lot).  The entrance is anticipated to be complete sometime this summer.

In order to make library patrons aware of what was going on with the renovation, they created a Project Blog - which  they updated along the way.  To celebrate the re-opening, they've listed the "Top 5 Reasons to Love 9 (their) Updates....".

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