Just like Dutch Elm Disease in the 1970's, the Emerald Ash Borer is claiming thousands of trees that lined city boulevards in the Northland;  during the past year, the City of Superior has implemented a controversial pro-active approach and eradicated every Ash tree that resided on city property.  Now they're asking the communities help in replacing them.

Superior's Mayor Bruce Hagen says that more than 200 Ash trees were lost between 28th Street and 58th Street along Tower Avenue.  That's why he's asking residents and businesses to donate $300 to buy that could be donated along the corridor.

Already, two businesses have stepped forward with support.  Superior Choice Credit Union and Calumet Superior have pledged to donate trees for the cause.

City officials hope to replace the lost Ash trees with 3-inch or larger trunk-varieties of Linden, Elm, Honeylocust, Kentucky Coffee Tree and Japanese Tree Lilacs.

If you'd like to help out the cause, you're asked to get in touch with the Superior Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department:  715-395-7270.  You can also email parks@ci.superior.wi.us.