The Superior Man Triathalon is set to be run on Sunday, August 30;  the race will cause the need for traffic delays and road closures.

The main event starts on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM in the Harbor, swimming to a transition area behind the DECC on Harbor Drive.  Boaters are cautioned that boat traffic will be limited at this time in order to accommodate the swimmers.

Then - between 7:00 and 7:30 AM, participants in the event will transition to bicycles and travel through the Bayfront area - taking Michigan Street, Superior Street, London Road, and the Highway 61 Expressway to Two Harbors - where they will turn around, taking the Scenic Highway and the same route back to the DECC.

During this process of the event, the following roads will be closed:

  • Railroad Street from 5th Avenue West to Garfield Avenue
  • Railroad Street westbound lane only, from Harbor Drive to 5th Avenue West
  • Superior Street from 3rd Avenue East to 8th Avenue East
  • Superior Street from 8th Avenue East to 10th Avenue East will be open to westbound traffic only.
  • The parking lot next to VaBene Café will remain OPEN and is accessible from westbound Superior Street at 8th Avenue East
  • Access to the Fitger's Ramp will be closed until about noon, however the exit will remain open.
  • Michigan Street from 5th Avenue West to 4th Avenue East
  • London Road from 10th Avenue East to 12th Avenue East
  • 21st Avenue East from London Road down to Water Street (southbound lane closed
  • The 21st Avenue East I-35 Ramps will be closed, however 26th Avenue East ramps will remain open.
  • I-35 Ramps on 5th Avenue West will be affected. The northbound off-ramp and southbound on- ramp will remain open.

In order to accomodate bicylclists, there will be lanes marked for bikes only on the following routes:

  • East side of 5th Avenue West
  • Harbor drive up to Railroad Street
  • Lower side of London Road from 12th Avenue East to 15th Avenue East.
  • Lower side of London Road from 20th Avenue East to 21st Avenue East.
  • Lower side of London Road from 26th Avenue East to the Highway 61 Expressway.