It's been a problem since school started this year at the newly-remodeled, almost-finished Superior High School:  There is a lack of water fountains in the building; in fact, there are no fountains on the second and third floors.

School officials are quick to point out that the issue isn't an oversight; work isn't complete yet and the final plans for the building include installing fountains in the two-thirds of the building that don't have them.  According to a story in the Superior Telegram, Amy Starzecki - the new District Administrator - offered this explanation:

As the construction is still underway, the fountains are one item we are still installing. We have water fountains in the school, but are currently installing fountains on second- and third-floor academic wings.

Since the school opened for the year just under two months ago, students have had to utilize the 25 water fountains that are located throughout the first floor.  The set-up has created the need for students to plan ahead if they have classes on the upper two floors - so that they can make it down to the first floor and back in time between their classes.

The last of the construction should be finished sometime in the Fall of 2019.



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