According to the Superior Telegraph a small fire on January 22 at Superior High School forced the evacuation of students and staff, until firefighters gave them the o.k. to go back in the building. According to the Superior Police Department a vaping device was the cause of the fire in a boys restroom .

According to Liaison Officer Jeff Darst "The fire damaged a toilet paper dispenser and the plastic portion of a toilet seat and burned the handicap access stall of the bathroom, which is off the commons area of the school."

Apparently a 15 year old student admitted to starting the fire. The student told Darst and Officer Bradley Jago that he was vaping in the bathroom when he heard someone come in and panicked, so he placed the vape inside the plastic toilet paper dispenser and it caught on fire. He then grabbed the vaping device and flushed it down the toilet and went to class.

The principal of the school Rick Flaherty and some other school administrators were able to put out the fire with fire extinguishers. The total amount of damage is around $700 with most of the cost being clean up for labor.

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