No matter what the season is, the City of Superior offers residents all sorts of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors; from trails to rinks, woods to lakes - city leaders make the resources available so that they can be enjoyed.

One of the items that the city offers is boat launch docks.  Two of those docks will see some changes in the next few weeks.

According to officials with the City of Superior, work crews will be making changes to both the 21st Street and 28th Street boat launch docks sometime before the middle of October. Specifically, the canoe/kayak stabilizer that was installed at the 21st Street boat launch dock earlier this summer will be removed and relocated to the Woodstock Bay Landing - which is located at the end of North 28th Street.  The stabilizer is ADA-accessible and specifically designed for the launching of canoes and kayaks. The design makes getting into them easier while staying as dry as possible.

Even though the canoe/kayak stabilizer will be removed from the North 21st Street boat launch,  the newly-installed dock will remain - albeit in a slightly different location. Work crews will be shifting the dock to the left a little to allow for launching motorized boats on both sides of the dock - much like people were able to do before.


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