Whether you live there, work there, or just drive to a destination in Superior - your route should be a little better this upcoming winter.  In a variety of media forms, the city has announced that they have made a $1 million investment in their winter snow plowing and clearing equipment.

Perhaps most-excited was Superior's Mayor Jim Paine.  In a social media post on his official Facebook page, he shared:

I promised you a better Winter this year. These new trucks are a nearly $1 million investment in safer streets. They increase our efficiency so we treat your roads twice as fast with half the salt. They can also spray potassium acetate, which clears ice at much lower temps and has none of the adverse impact that salt has on streets, cars, plant-life, and Lake Superior. It’s going to take some trial and error as we plan and adjust to a new system so please be patient but you can expect clear, safe streets faster than ever before. Look, I know a bunch of you don’t like the snow, but your Streets Crew is ready. Bring it on.

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