What’s that expression about lightning striking twice?

Rodeo clown Casey Wagner has a great conversation starter the next time he’s at a dinner party – he was struck not once, but twice, by lightning. On the same day. That's quite an amazing feat, considering the odds of being hit by lightning just once in a year is a staggering one-in-750,000.

Wagner was at a Rednecks With Paychecks off-road event in Saint Jo, Texas over the weekend when he ducked under a tree when a storm hit and lightning got him:

I saw a big old flash and then I knew I was going down. I knew I was getting electrocuted. I thought I was dying.”

As he was falling down to the ground, another jolt of lightning got to Wagner’s boot, sending a burst of pain up his left side. Amazingly, he stayed conscious throughout the entire ordeal.

A nurse who happened to be nearby helped Wagner. He went to the hospital, but amazingly was released with only minor injuries and a renewed appreciation of life, saying, "I've been given a second chance. I need to start going to church a lot more."

We say he give up the rodeo clown gig and join the circus. You know people would pay to see the man who was by lightning twice.


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