Minnesota Governor Tim Walz will be homeless this summer. Now before you get the wrong idea, there is a good explanation.

The State of Minnesota Department of Administration is doing the advance work necessary for an upcoming rehabilitation of the official Governor's Residence on Summit Avenue in St. Paul. Work is expected to begin in June, and that will leave the Governor and his family without a place to live for a year or more.

And, because the Governor's Residence is also used for "official ceremonial functions of the state" - the temporary living quarters that are eventually found need to meet very specific requirements.

To fulfil the need, the State has issued a Request For Information to help find and secure what they're calling a "Temporary Governor's Residence". Generally speaking, the administration is seeking a residence that's located within the Twin Cities that will best match the requirements.

Obviously, the owner of whatever property is chosen will be reimbursed for the lease term. According to the 17-point RFI that the State of Minnesota has issued, there are some very specific needs that the temporary residence that's chosen will have to meet. Security and general accessibility would be an issue. Many are also suggesting that the temporary residence would need to be pet friendly as the Walz family has both a dog and a cat.

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While that 17-point RFI asks some of the more general questions (i.e. address, asking rent price, availability for the years and a half term, etc), it also drills down some other issues; some of those considerations include whether or not the property has a back-up generator, what furniture would be left to use, what are the "accessibility features or challenges", is there a "willingness to make improvements that may be requested", and more. You can read the entire list for yourself on the State of Minnesota's website.

Applications are due by the end of February to give the State time to research and then make a decision. That will allow for the expected state date for the work in June.  During the projected year and a half long project, work crews will "address outdated plumbing, exterior flaws, and security concerns". Final price tag is expected to "cost up to $6.3 million".

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