I don't generally like it when people buy me things.  I usually buy what I want and am particular on items I purchase placing value on quality even if prices are higher.

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For Christmas I was gifted something I would actually buy for myself, soap.  Not just any soap though, Star Wars soap.  Even though I'm picky on what I use to clean my body, I am a sucker for awesome brand products, as long as they work well.

Dr. Squatch, a pretty popular soap brand with excellent online marketing, features a Star Wars Collection.  They have four available types in the collection including: Only Hope Soap, Wisdom Wash, Dark Side Scrub, and Ruthless Rinse.

You can get them on their own or in a pretty sweet collectable box that only adds six bucks to the price.  The box is cool, but once I'm done with the soap, I really don't know what I'll do with it.

Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
Dr. Squatch Star Wars Soap- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

So far I've made it through the bar of Ruthless Rinse which has some grit in to get you really clean and almost has a cinnamon scent to it, and also the Only Hope Soap containing no grit.  Both have been decent as far as soaps go, and clean better than some other novelty soaps I've purchased in the past.

The Dr. Squatch Star Wars Collection is in my opinion a great gift for Star Wars fans of pretty much any age.  If you are gifting it, I highly suggest you pay the extra coin and get the cool box, even if they won't use it once the soap is gone.  It certainly is impressive to unwrap.  Whatever side of the force you're on, these soaps will help make you geeky clean.

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