Some of them were made from a "white, chalky"-type of sweet sugar and others were a chocolate stick wrapped in paper.  No matter which variety they sold at candy stores near you as a kid, most children of a certain age remember encountering candy cigarettes while growing up.  Now it appears you can add them to the growing list of items from our youth that are no longer "acceptable".

A Saint Paul, Minnesota candy shop was recently threatened with a $500 fine for stocking candy cigarettes in their store.

Lynden's Soda Fountain, which is an old-fashioned soda shop, opened in April in St Paul, Minn. However, the shop has caused controversy after selling so-called candy cigarettes.


Apparently, the Saint Paul city council passed a resolution a few years back outlawing such products.

St Paul City Council passed a ban on candy cigarettes and cartoon character lighters in April 2009, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

Store owners have complied and have posted notices that they are no longer selling the outlawed candy.

Candy Cigarettes Fine: Soda Store Threatened With $500 Fine for Breaking Ban.