St. Luke's has added another tool to its arsenal of response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Appropriate patients can now get a test for COVID-19 that offers same-day results.  The rapid antigen test will be available at both St. Luke's Respiratory Clinic and at St. Luke's Drive-Thru Garage.

According to information released by St. Luke's, the same-day antigen testing will be immediately available for patients "who are symptomatic and have had symptoms for five days or less"; those patients are invited to get their tests at St. Luke's Respiratory Clinic.  Patients who have a provider's order cab also get their same-day antigen tests done at ST. Luke's Drive-Thru Garage.

Other than the five-day symptom qualification, there are no other restrictions on who is eligible to receive the same-day antigen tests.  The rapid testing will be available for people of any age - adults or children.

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After the test, participants can easily get their results.  Later in the day, all they have  to do is log into the St. Luke's Patient Portal, enter the required information, and the results will be readily available.

Along with the new rapid antigen tests, both of the locations - St. Luke's Respiratory Clinic and St. Luke's Drive-Thru Garage - also continue to provide the COVID-19 saliva tests.

Additionally, other patients can get benefits at the St. Luke's Drive-Thru Garage.  In addition to the saliva and rapid antigen COVID-19 tests, that site continues to provide curbside law draws and Internal Normalized Ratio (INR) checks for patients who take blood thinners to prevent clots.

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