Anyone who's sat through an American Civics course knows a thing or two about flag etiquette.  From the proper way to handle and display the American Flag to what you shouldn't do with it, there is a whole list of things you need to know.

One of the tricky issues comes when it's time to dispose of an American Flag;  proper disposal comes by burning the flag - albeit with rituals and items you must do in accordance with the practice.  But what do you do if you can't burn it or don't have the facilities to do so?

St. Louis County is making it easier for those who need to dispose of their flag;  they recently installed flag retirement boxes at two different Northland locations - one in Duluth at the St. Louis County Courthouse and another in Hibbing at the Hibbing Annex Building outside the Veterans Service Office.

To use the box, people just need to bring their flag to the location and place it in the container.

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