Northlanders need to be aware of a phone scam that is making its rounds locally;  the aggressive behavior has already brought more than 100 complaints in one day this week and authorities expect more to come.

The potential scam works this way:  The caller leaves a message that claims that the person owes taxes to the IRS or has other outstanding warrants.  The caller then requests that the person call back to make amends - more-than-likely with personal financial bank account information.

Authorities with the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office and the counties 911 bank are advising people who have received the calls to disregard them.  There isn't a need to call 911 to report the call as they are aware of them.  In addition - and probably most importantly - don't fall victim in the scam.  Never give out personal financial or credit card information or agree to send payment of any kind.


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