Someone must know something.  A recent rash of suspected dog poisoning cases in the City of Rice Lake has the St. Louis County Sheriff's office looking for help from the general public.

Over the last month, the sheriff's office has received several reports of dogs that may have been poisoned.  The owners of the dogs have reported that the dogs gave gotten sick without a clear reason and in at least two cases, owners have found their dogs deceased.  For each of these cases, there has been no clear evidence or reason for the cause.  In addition, there is no known connection between any of the owners and the home addresses are not necessarily near each other.

Due to the suspicious nature of these cases, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office is suggesting that residents in the area be alert to anything suspicious and to keep their pets under a close-watch.

At the same time, the sheriff's office believes that someone may know something that may be beneficial to the cases.  If you have information to share, you're asked to call the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division:  218-336-4350.


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