The St. Louis County Sheriff's Department is searching for more than 3,000 fishing lures that were stolen from a warehouse location for Marine General.  The crime occurred on August 13.

According to the sheriff's department report, an enclosed trailer was stolen on that date from a location in rural Duluth that Marine General uses for storage.  The lures were being stored inside of the trailer.  Since that date, the trailer was recovered - however it was empty and the contents have not been located.

The lures were made by Brad's Killer Fishing Gear and carry the marking "Lip-Stix 3D".  A variety of colors are included in the haul.

The Sheriff's department has surmised that the criminal intends to sell the merchandise - considering the large number of lures that were taken.  Their hope is that someone knows something about this crime or has information regarding the whereabouts.  If you know any details, you're asked to call 911 or the St. Louis County Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Division:  218-336-4350.

St. Louis County Sheriff's Department
St. Louis County Sheriff's Department


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