The life-saving and life-changing heroic works of local citizens was recognized by St. Louis County at their annual 911 Lifesaver Awards.  During the recent County Board meeting on April 10 in Proctor, the awards were presented to their deserving recipients.

The awarded activities ranged the gambit from 911 Emergency Communications Specialists to representatives of ambulance and first responders.

Among the individuals honored was the group that worked together to save the life of Jerry Wallner - a Virginia man who suffered a heart attack at a girls basketball game at the Virginia High School.  Numerous individuals - from a scorekeeper and teacher at the game to first responders, fire fighters, ambulance drivers, and officials from 911.

The second 911 Lifesaver Award went to individuals who worked together to save the life of a man who had been swimming in Lake Vermilion last July and went under for more than two minutes.

A third award recognized those who worked to save the life of a woman who went through the ice on Kelly Lake last wented.

The final 911 Lifesaver Award went to 10-year old Ian Kimmes, who saved the life of his grandfather - who had had a stroke while they were fishing on Lake Vermilion.





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