The COVID-19 Pandemic has been especially hard on high school students - when you consider the amount of event cancellations that have occurred.  Most students saw proms, sporting events, and even graduation cancelled last year when the initial shutdowns began to happen in the face of the virus.  So far this year, school activities have gradually transitioned to some form of 'normal'; districts have worked hard to provide hybrid or in-person models for both learning and activities.

Spring represents a busy time for school calendars - with sporting events, proms and formals, and graduation on the horizon.  In an effort to try and make sure these events don't get completely canceled again for a second year in a row, local county health officials are trying a unique approach.

St. Louis County Public Health Department is targeting high school students and families with a vaccination clinic on Thursday, April 22 in Eveleth.  This particular clinic is open for high school students age 16-plus and any family member that age or older.  Details released by St. Louis County show that the vaccination clinic will be using the Pfizer vaccine, which has been approved for anyone 16-plus.

The planning and coordinating of this "high school-age" vaccination clinic has been timed to try and prevent a spring spike that would cancel events:

"A person who is fully vaccinated - meaning two weeks after receiving their final vaccine dose - does not have to quarantine if exposed to a confirmed case of COVID-19 (unless the person develops symptoms [of their own]).  The Pfizer vaccine involves two doses administered three weeks apart, so a person getting vaccinated [on April 22] should get their second dose around May 13, and would be considered fully vaccinated on May 27."

The county reports that case rates for COVID-19 and hospitalizations have been increasing in the area among adolescents and young adults.  "Last week, 27% of cases occurred in school age children ages 5-19" according to county statistics.

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This vaccination clinic scheduled for Thursday, April 22 at the Eveleth Curling Club (901 Hat Trick Avenue) will happen from 1:00 PM to 6:30 PM.  Advance registration is recommended to ensure a slot and minimize wait times, however walk-ins will be accepted at this clinic. Click here to register in advance.

Anyone age 16-17 who is coming to be vaccinated must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to sign a consent form.  An exception will be made for any 16-17 year old who answers "yes" to any of the following questions:

  • Are you living apart from your parents or guardians and managing your own financial affairs?
  • Are you currently or have you ever been married?
  • Have you given birth to a child?

While this targeted 16-plus vaccination clinic will be held in the northern part of St. Louis County (on the Range), the health department suggests that eligible high school students in the southern part of the county (Duluth-area) are welcome to take part in the clinics offered Pike Lake.  Click here for more details.

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