Even in this digital age where it seems like information is readily-available at our fingertips  - there is a need for the old-standbys.  One of those items is the county plat map book - long coveted by landowners, hunters, and others.  St. Louis County routinely updates the information available on the maps and offers them for sale;  the 2016 edition has just become ready to the general public.

If you're unaware of what a plat map book is  it's a vital print piece that covers the entire land area included in the county - broken up by townships.  Within those individual township maps, you'll not only find the usual road and highways names, lakes and rivers, but you'll also find land parcels laid out exactly as they exist along with the property owners name(s).

Along with the obvious updates to land owner names, the 2016 edition of the St. Louis County Plat Maps also now includes both the northern and southern parts of county in the same book (previous editions always split them into two books).  In addition, the price is less this year due to the county being able to create the books in-house.

If you'd like to buy one of these books, they're available at five locations:

  • The St. Louis County Auditors Office in the Duluth Courthouse
  • The Auditor's Service Center at the Miller Hill Mall
  • The Auditor's Office in the Northland Office Center, Virginia
  • The Recorder's Office in the Hibbing Courthouse
  • The Commissioners Office in the St. Louis County Service Center in Ely

You can also click here to order it online.