You can mark the passage of the seasons in many ways.  For drivers at the helm of heavier vehicles like logging trucks, dump trucks, and other equipment - the annual spring load restrictions on county roads is one of those markers.  And as such, we're about to enter a new season.

Officials with St. Louis County are expected to lift their spring load restrictions on Monday, May 16.  The restrictions were put in place at the end of winter to govern the use and condition of county roads.

The news is a sign that soil conditions are drying up a little and that can be good news for heavy truck drivers; the restrictions often put increased demands on their business and jobs - either from lack of access to areas to longer detour routes to avoid restricted roadways.

County officials place the restrictions on roads - usually dirt roads - in late winter to prevent the soggy soil from allowing ruts to develop.  The restrictions also prevent trucks from using roadways where there would be a potential for them to get stuck.

Even as the general spring load restrictions are lifted, St. Louis County still anticipates leaving them in place on some limited roads.  The roads that will continue with load restrictions in a limited manner will be posted as such due to their individual conditions.

For the convenience of drivers of heavier vehicles, St. Louis County will post and maintain a map on its website showing which county roads continue to have weight restrictions enforced.  That map, along with other related information, is available by clicking here.

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