Property owners who have moved in St. Louis County are approaching an important deadline - especially for those who own and live in a home.  The deadline to apply for Homestead Classification is Tuesday, December 15.

Certain properties in St. Louis County may qualify for Homestead Classification - which brings with it a reduced classification rate, reduced taxable market value, property tax refund, and/or special program eligibility.  It's important to note that the property owner needs to apply for this classification from the county - it doesn't happen automatically at closing or at any other time.

In order to be eligible, a property in St. Louis County must be occupied as the primary residence on or before Tuesday, December 1, 2020.  It can be occupied either by the property owner or a qualifying relative.  There are more specifics involved; full eligibility rules - including a homestead fact sheet from the Minnesota Department of Revenue - can be found online at the County Assessors Office; click here for details.

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County officials urge people who think that they may qualify to check into it before the deadline.  According to Mary Garness, St. Louis County Director of Public Records and Property Valuation, their office turns away many people every year because they miss the deadline:

"Every year it seems, we get one or two people contacting us after the deadline, and unfortunately by then it's too late - there's nothing we can do.  So we want to do what we can ahead of time to make sure people are aware, because getting the homestead classification will likely reduce the amount they pay in property taxes."

To get more details or to apply, contact the St. Louis County Assessor's Office:  In Duluth: 218-726-2304; Virginia: 218-749-7147; Hibbing: 218-262-6089; or Ely: 218-365-8236.

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