Great deals are waiting to be had at the Tax Forfeited Property Auction, held by St. Louis County - going on February 3 through February 11. Similar to the county auctions that happened last year, this one will also be held completely online due to the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A wide variety of parcels will be up for bid by the general public.  The online catalog will feature more than 60 properties are available for bid right now. Click here to follow the direct link.

According to information released by St. Louis County, there are some interesting sites to bid on.  Included in the online catalog are multiple lakeshore lots (some of which are only accessible via water), a house in Ely, recreational land , investment property, and more.  The online catalog includes photos of each parcel, maps, details, and more - including a starting bid price.  Hard copies of this catalog will also be available at select, local gas stations, grocery stores, and a variety of businesses throughout St. Louis County.

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Eligibility requirements to participate in the online auction are the same as they have been with the traditional, in-person auctions in the past.  Bidders can not have any delinquent property taxes on property they already own in St. Louis County.  If someone has delinquent property tax, it must first be paid in full before purchasing from the auction or the available list.

This February event is one of three tax forfeited land auctions that will be held by St. Louis County in 2021.  The next one will be in June, with a final auction to be held in October.

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