It's that time of year that everyone is shaking the cobwebs off - even city landmarks.  A spring cleaning project for Duluth's signature Aerial Lift Bridge has been scheduled for Friday, May 15.

Drivers who need to use the Aerial Lift Bridge can expect delays throughout the day as the crews go about their work.  According to the City of Duluth, those delays will average about 15 minutes at a shot.  Also - people should anticipate slower-than-usual traffic across the bridge all day long.

The spring cleaning is performed on the Aerial Lift Bridge once a year - for maintenance purposes.

For more than one-hundred years, the Aerial Lift Bridge has both served a functional purpose - allowing drivers (and pedestrians) to cross the channel between Duluth's mainland and Minnesota Point (more commonly known as Park Point); it's unique look and omnipresence have also allowed it to serve as a landmark for the Twin Ports.  The bridge was first put into service in 1905.  Since that time, a variety of modifications and design changes have forced the bridge to evolve.

Today, the Aerial Lift Bridge plays a prominent role in Duluth's branding.  Many city-related and chamber-related publications and logos feature the bridge in some form or fashion.

The spring cleaning work is expected to be complete within the day on May 15 - weather permitting.

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