UPDATE: Bloomington Police have identified the suspect with the help of the public.

Original Story:

How low can someone go? Some jerk stole cards of condolences from a funeral in a Minnesota Church. Authorities are asking people for help identifying the suspect.

The Bloomington Police Department posted the photo on Facebook on August 19 asking if anyone knows who the man is. He was seen entering a Bloomington area church. A short time later he was seen removing cards from the basket and taking money out of them. He then left the church without being noticed. Detective Hayes is on the case and asks people to reach him at 952-563-8703.

Facebook comments on the post appear to have offered some leads with private messages being exchanged by the Bloomington Police Department. Some people do appear to recognize the man. As you would imagine, people are also questioning how someone can stoop this low. Fortunately the church had security cameras that took a clear enough picture that he should be able to be identified.

Hopefully they will catch the man and charge him. Unfortunately someone with that exhibits this extreme lack of morality will probably never change. I feel for the victims here who are already dealing with the loss of a loved one, and now have this stain on their memorial to them. Let's hope justice happens and this guy gets the bad karma he one day deserves.

If you happen to recognize this man, please call the Bloomington Police at 952-563-8703.

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