Any great live performance takes a skilled crew working invisibly behind the scenes, and SNL is no different. See for yourself, as a new behind-the-scenes video shows us exactly what’s involved in transitioning from one set to another, going from Donald Trump’s office to Casey Affleck’s monologue in one fell swoop.

SNL released a new behind-the-scenes look at this past Saturday’s 2016 closer; specifically the transition involved between Alec Baldwin, Beck Bennett and John Goodman’s Trump/Putin cold open, to Casey Affleck’s monologue after the opening credits. Not only does the crew work diligently to deconstruct the set, they just barely make it; still shoring up a few final touches as Affleck heads down to center stage.

It’s a small, but worthwhile tribute to the unsung heroes backstage, who keep it so the audience at home rarely, if ever notices how smoothly the show runs.

In the meantime, SNL will be back on January 14 with Rogue One star Felicity Jones making her hosting debut, alongside musical guest Sturgill Simpson. Stay tuned for the latest in the meantime.

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