Slamabama essentially started in Nashville, but you could say in Chicago. You could also say it started many years ago but took time for the magic to happen.

Jay and Rosanna started as young kids singing. Rosanna says she did the little kid choirs for Christmas just like anyone else, but as she got older, she realized the value of the crowd and craved the performance part of the music. She has brushed elbows with famous singers. She used the same vocal coach as Carrie Underwood, and after signing a management deal, she used some songs to try and get signed for a record deal that Shania Twain was signing too. She was a little luckier. I would say, maybe not, that would mean that Rosanna marries Mutt Lange instead of her true love. She moved to Chicago and tried out for a band. That's where we go to Jay's story.

Jay, on the other hand, started young. He says 2 or 3. His Mom says he was walking past a guitar and he called it a Bucko, because he watched Hee Haw with them, and Buck Owens played the guitar.  Jay got a solo in his Bishop's concert when he was in 4th grade because he says he could sing loud. He started on drums but said the guitar spoke to him. He played through high school and college and eventually played the college circuit with Hootie and the Blowfish, Dave Matthews Band, and Edwin McCain. Chicago presented him with a chance to start a band and put out an audition for a female singer. That's when Rosanne came in and auditioned first, he said he knew she was the one. (He didn't know she would be more.)

For their Best Music Story, Rosanna said she had an encounter with Johnny Cash in Victoria's Secret. He came in to buy for his wife for her Birthday. Jay says his best story is a chance meeting with Dolly Parton that changed his life and his respect for her.

Their new song is called "The Echoes". Jay and Rosanna went to the park to enjoy some lunch and he was watching some ducks and it got in his head that the duck noise doesn't echo. He told Rosanna he had an idea about echos. Rosanna said they approached it from the loss of a person. That when a person leaves you, moves away, or passes away, they leave behind echos.

They performed an acoustic version of the song and I have shared it with you here. Thank you to the two of them for sitting in with me this morning. I have been friends with them since the early days and they are true down to earth talented people, and I like their music too.

The current line up of the band is:

Rosanna Juliano - Vocals
Jasper (JAY) Juliano - Guitar, Vocals
Dennis Gilpatrick - Bass, Vocals
Alec Garcia - Drums

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