We all have phones with video capabilities and love to share our memories. Use these tips to shoot videos that your family will love to watch.

  • Use a tripod for a steadier shot

    Shooting a video that is shaking and moving all over gives an unpleasant feeling to the viewer when you are doing a close up shot. If you don't have a tripod get that close up by keeping your feet apart for a steadier video

  • Think about your lighting

    To low of light will cause your videos to become grainy. Sunlight is the best if you can get it, open the shades or turn your lights on, but try to use one or the other as the mix can play havoc with your video.

  • Remember "KISS" when shooting your video

    Keep It Short and Sweet.

    As much as we love each other no one wants to watch a 30 min video. Keep videos around the 3 min mark as you  are more likely to re-watch the video.