Sheila Wonders started singing by taking acting lessons? Yes, and it led to playing guitar too.

Sheila says she always remembers singing. Then she was supposed to play the piano, but she switched schools. They didn't have room for her to play piano, so she took an acting class and guitar class, but said she was one of two girls in the class.

She says her Dad played guitar and mainly played in bars, nothing ever professional beyond that. She says she loves her Martin and Washburn guitars.

She credits Elvis Costello, Elive Presley, The Beatles, The Go Go's, and the Bangles as some of her influences but says the list is too long to go into in an interview.

Sheila says she isn't tech-friendly and doesn't like the recording as much as she likes playing live so she is under the radar most of the time because she doesn't do a lot of internet stuff.

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