The future of Ozzy Osbourne‘s marriage with Sharon seemed in doubt earlier this year when the rocker's infidelities came to light. Sharon revealed in an interview that Ozzy had cheated on her with five women in five different countries, and that it had been going on for at least six years.

In an interview on Conan last night (Sept. 27) that you can watch above, O'Brien said, "You worked it out, obviously, you talked to him about it, you guys decided, okay, it's fine."

With a glint in her eye, Sharon replied, "It wasn't as easy as that, no, it wasn't, but we worked it out after I got him glasses and said, 'My God, you do need glasses. Who would do that with that?' He now wears very thick bifocals and he's fine."

Sharon also said, "It's tough, you know, when you're an addict. He likes too much alcohol, he likes too much drugs, he likes too much sex. He likes too much food. Everything is too much, so it's tough for somebody that suffers with that."

Ozzy spoke about the issue a few months back while promoting his show Ozzy and Jack's World Detour. He told Good Morning America, “It’s just a bump in the road. It’s back on track again,” Ozzy said about his marriage.

“‘And they both lived happily ever after…’ I’d like to find the person who wrote that and poke him in the eye with a stick. Some days it’s good, some days it’s terrible, some days you just drift apart for a while, but you get back on the horse,” Ozzy explained. “You make mistakes and you learn by your mistakes, I think,” he added.

In other Osbourne family news, they recently purchased numerous items of early Black Sabbath memorabilia that were set to go up for auction. The price they paid wasn't revealed.

The material, which dates from 1968 to 1972, included handwritten lyrics for the song "Changing Phases," which later appeared on the Sabbath album Masters of Reality under the title "Solitude."

Other items included publicity posters for the band Earth, which Ozzy was in before Black Sabbath, photos, and postcards Osbourne wrote to his mother in Birmingham while on tour.

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