Whenever it snows, you will undoubtedly see a number of people driving around in what looks like a mound of snow on wheels around our area. Whatever the reason - laziness, running late, thinking "it'll blow off", or whatever else, you're just putting yourself and others in unnecessary danger.

Fresh snow, especially the lighter/fluffier stuff, tends to get a lot of people to think "ah, it'll just blow off while I drive". While a decent share of it might blow off, you're being a jerk further reducing visibility for drivers behind you. Also, often times not all of the snow on your vehicle's roof will blow off. When it warms up and a thin layer of water builds up as it starts to melt, it could then slide onto your windshield when going down a hill or stopping at a stoplight or stop sign. Then you're forced to hope your windshield wipers have enough might to move the slushy mass that is obstructing your view.

Snow that has had the chance to sit awhile might go through some melting/freezing/compacting, which can lead to chunks of ice that can fly off and hit vehicles behind you. You really don't want to be that person causing damage to vehicles behind you.

In an extreme case of the ice flying off a vehicle scenario, the Dunn County Sheriff's Office in Wisconsin shared photos of a vehicle that was significantly damaged, with the driver getting injured, as ice flew off a passing truck. Luckily the injuries were minor, but the damage to the vehicle (seen below) was significant.

This was a commercial vehicle, with a much higher profile. This makes cleaning them off much more difficult, but it doesn't make it any less dangerous on the road. For all normal (non-commercial) cars and trucks, there really is no excuse. They even make extendable brushes and scrapers that can help you clean the roof of your vehicle off. They sell them at auto parts stores, and even places like Target and Walmart. I have one, and they're awesome! Spend the $15-$20. It will make your life easier. Trust me.

In the end, the moral of the story is to clean off your vehicles. It will keep you, and everyone else safer on the roads.

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