Over the weekend there was a track meet for the Ohio state championships. Megan Vogel, a high school junior has already won the 1600 meter race, giving her a state title, and a shot at another in the 3200. No one remembers her win, no one remembers that she failed to get two titles. Everyone remembers why she didn't get two titles, she stopped running.

As first reported by the Springfield News-Sun and Dayton Daily News, Vogel had already captured the state 1,600-meter title when she came upon Arlington (Ohio) High sophomore Arden McMath near the finish line of the 3,200-meter final. Both Vogel and McMath were out of contention for the medals in the event at that point, and rather than try and make a final, mad dash, Vogel decided she was better served helping ensure McMath made it to the finish line.

Technically, Vogel should have been disqualified for helping McMath, as regulations call for any runners aiding another to be disqualified from their event. Yet, perhaps in line with the spirit of Vogel's touching act, Ohio officials failed to disqualify either runner, with final standings crediting McMath for a 14th-place finish and showing Vogel crossing the line in 15th place. This is a credit to the officials, you always read these stories about sticking to the rules, when I feel they should rule in the favor of the moment. This teaches a lesson, it shows humanity is more important!

"She could have just gone around Arden," Arlington coach Paul Hunter told the News-Sun. "But she chose to help. I've never seen that at a state meet. That's real sportsmanship."

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