The International Space Station passed right over the Northland recently, and you can see it on video. The first thing you can see is Lake Mille Lacs frozen over in the middle fo the state. As the international space station continues it's orbit, you can make out Lake Superior, where of course Duluth and Superior are on the far western point.

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It's easy to pick out Mille Lacs as it's a giant blob of white on the map. Temperatures are still cold enough to keep the lakes in the Northland still mostly frozen over. You can also see that Lake Superior still has ice packed in on the south shore and around the Apostle Islands.

The international space station travels around the globe at five miles per second. That means it takes only 90 minutes for it to complete an orbit around the globe. In one day, the ISS makes 16 orbits around the planet! That's just some of the cool facts you can read about at BBC. The football field length space station has been in orbit since 1998 and is scheduled to operate until the year 2031.

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