How many times have you stopped at the ATM for some fast cash? Have you looked close to the machine before inserting your card?

Just when you thought looking around and making sure your surroundings are safe, this is the new way people are getting scammed out of money and your bank card and pin number are being stolen. You don't even notice till all your money is gone. You still have your card, so who would suspect that your bank account is being cleaned out.

Watch this video, and pay attention to what to look for so you can safeguard yourself from this. These two officers show how these skimming devices can go totally undetected and you just do your business as usual.

Essentially, thieves can use your card in the ATM and then use your card on websites to buy products and really cause some trouble. One thing the two officers make clear is if you see any devices like this or something seems funky on your account. Contact your banking institution right away so it can be taken care of before someone scams you.

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